100% Open Source Review Site Software

CIOpenReview is a lightweight, powerful, and easy to use CMS for building review sites quickly and easily

CIOpenReview has been downloaded 3,143 times.

Easy to Install

All you need to install CIOpenReview is a webhost that supports PHP and MySQL (which is almost every host out there!) The simple installer will allow to to get up and running in minutes! CIOpenReview even works on PHP 7.0!


CIOpenReview uses a lightweight and powerful theme engine which allows you to re-skin your site without any PHP Skills. We've even included a Bootstrap-based theme to make things easier for you!

100% Open Source

CIOpenReview is 100% open source and you have access to every single line of code. In fact, we'd love it if you wanted to get involved on our GitHub Page

Simple Framework

CIOpenReview is built on the CodeIgniter framework, provding safe and secure code. Most developers will be familiar with the Model-View-Controller architecure of CIOpenReview

Powerful Features

The application comes with everything you need to create a good review site fast!

Multi Language Support

You can quickly and easily conver CIOpenReview to any language you chose. In fact, if you do so, please email us and we'll include it in the next version!

Compatible with OpenReviewScript

CIOpenReview is based on an old application called OpenReviewScript, which has not been updated in a long time. If you are an OpenReviewScript user, you can update to CIOpenReview!